What Should we Name Our List of Centrist / Moderate People & Orgs?
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  • What Should we Name Our List of Centrist / Moderate People & Orgs?

    What seems like eons ago (more like a year and a half or so), by far the most popular page on the previous manifestation Centrist Review / this centrist blog site (Rise of the Center) was called the ‘Centersphere’. It was a list of blogs, websites, organizations, candidates and other politically related things that we […]

  • Hypocrite in Chief: President Obama vs Senator and Candidate Obama

    No matter how you try and spin it, there has been a gigantic shift in what Barack Obama claimed to be for when he ran for office, and what he’s done since gaining power – on a great number of issues. The latest move to use the powers of the Executive Branch to their fullest […]

  • Is Growth of Fact Check Sites Proof the Media is Failing Us?

    I love fact check sites, and sections of news sites that deal with fact checking. I have about 40 sites that dump their headlines into my brain through a folder in my RSS feeds, and a not-small portion of them are devoted to fact checking and other fact-based reporting (polling, science, etc). But… isn’t fact […]

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