• What Should we Name Our List of Centrist / Moderate People & Orgs?

    What Should we Name Our List of Centrist / Moderate People & Orgs?

    What seems like eons ago (more like a year and a half or so), by far the most popular page on the previous manifestation Centrist Review / this centrist blog site (Rise of the Center) was called the ‘Centersphere’. It was a list of blogs, websites, organizations, candidates and other politically related things that we of, by and for centrist and moderate voters – with a sprinkling of genuinely nonpartisan links in there as well.

    ‘Rise of the Center’ was a pretty good name for a blog for centrist to moderate views, but even with the tens of thousands of followers we had built up across social networks, RSS and email, we got a lot less traffic than we should have gotten. A big part of that, as I discovered later, was people just plain don’t search for the term ‘center’ when they’re looking for things related to centrist, moderate and/or independent politics.

    Hence the rebranding of this site, and hence the reason for looking for a better name for the old ‘Centersphere’ list.

    As I’ve very slowly started building this site, it’s been interesting to see how much traffic it’s already getting. Not as much as the old site got when we were posting content daily and sharing across a ton of social feeds, but already a heck of a lot more search engine traffic. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, as I do sell SEO services for part of my living now.

    It’ll take a good long time, but I’d like to grow this into not just a list, but have the list just be the front page for a more in depth directory of profiles of figures, politicians, groups, organizations, parties, etc that aim to represent those of us in the center of the ideological spectrum here in the U.S.


    Down to Names for Our Centrist / Moderate Political List


    So I cracked a thesaurus, flipped around a bit and the two names I’ve come up with so far are:

    1) Centrist Census


    2) Independent Index

    But I thought some of you have some good ideas to add to the mix.

    I’m leaning toward Centrist Census, since really this isn’t going to be about all sorts of independents (a not-small minority of independents aren’t centrists or moderates) – and is really focused on the center. Ideally the name would only be two words, or three short words, using either centrist or moderate in there.

    Any ideas?

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